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Updated: Feb 29

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About This Game DescriptionPolygod is a rogue-like, randomly generated, single & multiplayer FPS with a brutal difficulty curve! Blending a fast-paced, Quake-esque feel with randomness, difficulty and our handcrafted power-up system, Polygod is a hardcore gamer and speedrunner's dream. Only the most skilled and strategic players will defeat the Trial of the Gods.You are a Faceless One: a one-armed, gun-wielding assassin of legend. The seven deities of Polygod will test your skill with randomly generated arenas of hostile minions, followed by a boss fight against a ruthless Holy Champion. Each of the arenas features five Altars of Worship, offering you Blessings in exchange for Souls you have collected along your journey. Blessings combine and stack to create unique gun effects, but each has consequences, so choose wisely if you wish to survive each wicked challenge. And don’t forget, death is permanent in this purgatory of the gods!The art style is inspired by the meta-physical surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico who is famously revered for his eerie mood and strange artificiality of cityscapes.Main FeaturesA UNIQUE, RANDOMLY GENERATED EXPERIENCE EVERY TIME. Randomise the levels, blessings offered and enemy placement with our seed system, or challenge others on specific seeds! Polygod offers full leaderboard support using a universal daily seed.GUN CUSTOMISATION WITH 100 UNIQUE BLESSINGS. Each seed will offer you a different selection of blessings as you progress through the levels. Strategically combine and stack them to fit your personal playstyle. Ever wondered what it would be like if your bullets were bubbles? Well, what if they were bubbles AND proximity mines? And you shot 3 of them at once? AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT? The options are endless! Do you choose a lethal sniper build, or a bullet wall of death? How will you survive: lifesteal, jump-strafe dodging, tank-like health? How do you want to navigate the environment: double jump, helicopter boots, teleportation?Additional FeaturesOnline co-opSplitscreen co-opVersus multiplayerIntegrated controller support35 unique enemies15 unlockable playable characters7 epic boss fights against Holy Champions7 even harder Red Holy ChampionsSpecial Boss BlessingsExperimental soundtrackMinimalist, colourful artstyleQuirky NPCsTough & comical achievements 7aa9394dea Title: PolygodGenre: Action, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:Krafted GamesPublisher:Krafted GamesRelease Date: 17 Aug, 2018 Polygod Download Epic Games polygon ps4 pro. polygon 3d autocad. polygon 3d wireframe. polygon ka hindi naam. polygon hindi mein. polygon 3d maple. 3d polygon vase. polygon 3d graphics. polygon fortnite patch notes. android polygon background. 3d polygon laser scanner. polygon in android. polygon 3d design. 3d polygon rotation. polygon vector pack. polygon 3d arcgis. polygon android studio. 3d polygon shatter photoshop action. windows polygon function. polygod download. polygon review game. polygon 3d scanner. 3d polygon clipping. polygon definition for kids. 3d polygon plot. polygon 3d bounding box. polygon western pack. polygon for 3d modeling. 3d polygon outline. polygon - heist pack. polygon 3d matlab. polygon 3d names. polygon vs 3d. polygon 3d space. polygon ka hindi name. polygon - western pack free download. polygon 3d hair. polygon icon pack. 3d polygon union. polygon to hindi. polygon horse 3d. 3d polygon javascript. polygon nintendo. polygon 3d rectangle. 3d polygon rendering. polygon 3d materials. 3d polygon volume. polygon pc 2078. polygon pc 1742. polygon botw final trials. polygon 3d warehouse. 3d polygon visualizer. polygon dungeon pack 4.21. polygon detection 3d. polygon drawing. polygon 3d maker. polygon ka hindi name. polygon dalam 3d adalah. polygon design. polygon hindi define. polygon in 3d modelling. polygon 3d matlab. android polygon intersection. polygon 3d names. polygon tagalog version. android polygon contains point. polygod klavye. polygon prototype pack free download. polygon 3d abstract. polygod how to play It's a pretty decent rogue-lite, up until the third boss. That's when you realize it's just another RNG crap-shoot with fancy graphics. On the plus side, the enemy AI is intriguing, implementing guerilla tactics when the cards are on the table. POLYGOD also has one of the more unique and compelling atmospheres I've ever seen in a first person shooter; I go so far as to compare the story to E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy. But I can't rate it on consistency since I never finished it.Final Score: Those flying spike ball things can eat **** and die.. Thumbs up if you got this game through get gud achievements in Binding of Isaac Rebirth/ABWhich I'm pretty happy while I got this game for free I totally would have paid for it. Got a couple buddies into it and the RNG is what gives it that appeal that I look for in these types of games. The graphics is pleasing, the controls are nice and smooth. Really enjoying the potential this game throws at you and I see a great future with it. 10/10. Early Access impressions: Very fun. Definitly has a good framework for an enjoyable 3d roguelike. Levels, pickups, and enemies are random on each playthrough and each level has its own style and strategies. Looking forward to more updates!. It has a lot of potential of becoming a simple but really good game.. Combining FPS and procedural generation is challenging to nail, but Polygod does a great job.Encounters are varied and the levels afford interesting strategies for dealing with enemies. The pacing between levels, boss fights and the rest-areas keeps things new. With that said the game is missing quite a bit of polish, from the UI to the enemy-level-player dynamics there are times where things don't really work as intended.There is real potential for a great game here. If you enjoy procedural roguelikes try it out!. is good mang.. Early Access title, things stated here are subject to change][No review score will be given, this is merely a discussion about a few main points]Polygod is the closest we've gotten to an FPS roguelite that has variety in the runs. Most FPS roguelites seem to either focus on solid gunplay instead of variety, or they try to have variety but fall short. Unfortunately, instead of sacraficing variety for gunplay, Polygod does the opposite, and gets rid of good gunplay for decent run variety. The gunplay is at the very least passable, but some issues I will state later end up making it worse. And when I say decent run variety, I mean that it has some difference in runs, but isn't an Isaac level of variety.I don't think this genre will ever hit that perfect middle mark of getting solid gunplay and great run variety. You kind of have to pick and choose what you would rather have. This game focuses on the run variety, other games (ie Strafe) go for the gunplay. I know that the reason for this is because of technical issues / difficulties, but it is kind of sad.One of the things I like in this is the open ended level generation. It isn't room-based like most roguelites are, each level is a medium sized open area (sometimes less open with some maze-like paths), which is something that feels fresh, and makes the moment to moment gameplay not feel too stuttered.That's not to say there is some issues with it though. In fact, Polygod has one major flaw, and that is you can cheese the heck out of the game. Due to the level generation being more open, you can shoot nearly every enemy in the map from a large distance away, which means that you aren't in much danger if you choose to play like this. That fact alone can completely ruin the game. The way I play, I try to not cheese it, and play the way the developers intended you to play, which is the only reason I'm able to enjoy it as much as I do. If you can force yourself to not "cheat", then it's enjoyable.Enemies are varied, and each area has it's own set of baddies. Most of them are oriented around bullet hell, throwing tens of bullets your way. I do not have much of an issue with the enemies in Polygod, I think most of them are fun to fight off and are well made. The big issue is that around 4-5 levels in, you notice that the enemy health scales faster than your damage, making the enemies become a bit tanky and annoying to deal with. Luckily, you don't have to full clear a level to succeed.I have not tried multiplayer yet, so I have no comment there. But just make sure you buy this game for the roguelite parts, not for the multiplayer. Based on what I've heard, it has some issues that need to be patched up. Also there is not really a community here, so take that into account as well.EDIT: changing review to positive for very obvious reasons, but leaving everything written here unchanged.


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